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Good Habits Foundation Cooking workshop_

Prep, cook, and enjoy everyday meals
that are oh so good for you!

Bring home prepped veggies too!

My job doesn't always allow me time to make healthy meals at home. It's nice to have these workshops to learn new dishes and take home food to make through the week. 

Angela, social worker

I didn't realize how easy it is to cook healthy meals.

Lia, college student

It was so nice being in the kitchen cooking with others. Haven't done it since I was a kid.

Artie, artist

I love having prepped veggies in my fridge, ready for my next meal. I'm looking forward to the next cooking workshop!

Heidi, host/home cook

I learned something new! Before this class, I never made quesadillas.

Nancy, host sous chef/home cook

I like meeting new people and learning new recipes. The cooking class gave me both. I loved it.

Ashlee, recent college graduate

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